Camping in the Wakhan

Wakhan Camping Options

Travelers in Tajikistan’s Wakhan Corridor who are carrying a self-sufficient level of outdoor gear might consider doing some camping during their trip. There are plenty of little out of the way plots of ground where you could conceivably put up a tent, and most of the the campers we talked to said they had done so quite often without running into any problems. Always ask landowners to make sure its ok, of course, but this could solve your accommodation needs in the Wakhan Corridor!

wakhan camping site

As the picture shows, this option is one most often taken by the long-distance bikers passing through the Wakhan Corridor and Pamir Highway as part of a longer journey. Trekkers carrying their own tents, however, should be able to find a place to camp just as easily (and of course it would be far easier in the backcountry).

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