Getting Around the Wakhan Corridor

Getting Around the Wakhan Corridor

Public transport is limited in the Wakhan, both on the Tajik and Afghan sides.


Many tourists explore the Tajik side of the valley on bicycles, and seem to enjoy the experience. For public transport, though, there is one semi-regular bus that runs from the main street in Ishkashim all the way through to Langar.

Other options include share-taxis (more expensive but also much faster than the bus), hitching (though often these rides will expect some payment as well), or walking. Most likely, an extended journey will rely on a combination of all of the above over the course of going up and down the Wakhan.

getting around the wakhan corridor

Broke down in the Wakhan Corridor.


Reports indicate that public transport is non-existant on the Afghan side of the Wakhan. It is possible to rent a 4WD for the 8 hour trip all the way up the valley to the last settlement (for somewhere between $200 and $400; bargain hard). It should also be possible to procure pack animals for trekking in the region if you intend to go further. Keep in mind that the border at Langar is closed to foreigners, so this potentially useful option is not available at present.

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  3. Simon says:

    Me and a friend ( we are from Sweden) wants to go from Tajikistan to Pakistan by car. Is it possible to cross Wakhan Corridor? How are the roads?

    • Admin says:

      I can’t speak to the roads in Pakistan or through Afghanistan beyond the Wakhan, but for the lower Wakhan specifically the roads are passable if not always ‘good’. You’d do well to find a 4WD.

    • Shaukat Ali Khan says:

      No road jeepable road is available from afghanistan to Pakistan via Wakhan Corridor. Howvever after a trek of about 3 days you would reach Broghil valley (Chitral) of Pakistan which is considered as the best trekking routine in the world. If you wanna enter by road, then you can go through Kabul-Peshawar road and few other roads entering pakistan

      • Admin says:

        Hey Shaukat, thanks for the info. I was under the impression that the visas and permits for this route were nearly impossible to acquire for independent travelers. Any comment on whether that is true or not?

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