Getting To the Wakhan

Getting to the Wakhan.

Most people will visit the Wakhan from Tajikistan.

Fly into either Dushanbe (Tajikistan) or Osh (Kyrgyzstan) to begin the journey to the Wakhan.


From Dushanbe, catch a shared-taxi (approximately 20-24 hours, several departing daily) from the avtovokzal to the town of Khorog in the Pamirs. From here, one more ride (~4 hours, departing regularly) to Ishkashim will land you in the Wakhan itself.Once you get to Ishkashim, occasional public busses continue down the valley to Langar or across the Afghan border you can arrange private transit further into the Afghan Wakhan.

getting to the wakhan corridor

End of the road in the Tajik Wakhan.


From Osh, find a share-taxi to the Tajik town of Murghab and on down the Pamir Highway. Though it is theoretically possible to reach Langar directly via the Kharghush Pass, this road is primarily used by cyclists. Hired drivers will usually be hesitant to attempt it, especially in anything less than a 4WD jeep. Instead, the easiest route will be to continue to Khorog and on to Ishkashim (though of course this adds a lot of distance).

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