Transportation in Tajikistan’s Wakhan Corridor

Transportation in Tajikistan’s Wakhan Corridor

Unfortunately for travelers, public transportation within the Wakhan (on either side of the border) is not very well developed, which leaves few options for tourists without their own transport.

1. Hire a car through an agency.
Some travelers (particularly groups) will hire a car with driver and guide for their entire stay in the Wakhan or even all of the Pamirs. This is without doubt the most comfortable option, but also the most expensive. META, in Khorog, is probably the most popular place to do this but you could also try from Dushanbe or online from home.

2. Hire a car for the day.
Others will show up in one of the larger settlements like Ishkashim and hire a car from point to point. This is fairly convenient, but also leaves the problem of what to do when you’re ready to get home again! Do note that the cost of fuel is relatively expensive out here and fluctuates quite a bit, so be sure to ask around about reasonable prices before you start trying to hire a car.

biking in the wakhan corridor

3. Bike it out.
It should also be pointed out that a fair number of independent travelers come through on their own bicycles. With one long road through the Tajik Wakhan (all the way back to the Pamir Highway en route to Murghab, in fact) and lots of possible campsites, this isn’t a bad way to go.

4. Hitchhike.
This, too, is an option. Unlike Europe, hitching in Central Asia will often involve some sort of small payment to the driver (so be sure to ask). However, even in the Wakhan there are cars often enough that this can be a viable option if you have the patience to wait around a while. In the Afghan Wakhan, though, this really wont be feasible due to traffic being even less.

Wakhan tajikistan transportation stalled lada

5. Walking. Sometimes cars don’t come and the bus isn’t for a few more days, so you end up walking. On the plus side, this is a great way to see a few more villages!

6. Public Bus. I mention this last because it is the least reliable, but there is a public bus that runs from Ishkashim to Langar in Tajikistan. Ask around on the main road in Ishkashim, and people should be able to give you some idea of when the next one will leave.

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