Wakhan Film: Prisoners of the Afghan Pamir

Wakhan Film: Prisoners of the Afghan Pamir

A quick up date to point out a film project that was released in 2012 focusing on the Kyrgyz in the Afghan Wakhan: Prisoners of the Afghan Pamir.

Though we haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, it looks to be a stark presentation of the reality of life in the Afghan Wakhan, especially focused on the upper reaches of the area far away from roads and hospitals and everything that the rest of the world takes for granted.

kyrgyz in the wakhan film

To purchase a DVD of the film, you can contact the creators directly at http://www.theroofoftheworld.com/contact.html

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  1. Thomas Lund says:

    Dear Admin! I’m working with a climbing/development project aiming at teaching mountaineering skills to local Afghan youths, preferably woman. I would like to equip 4-5 youths and take them to the summit of Koh-e-Pamir (3-4 week expedition, all expences paid). After this the youths can act as mountain guides themselfes. The mountain is not that high, the sponsors in Norway are quite easy, if teh the weather is good, there is a good chanse of succsess. However, finding Afghan participants is verry difficult! The youths in Kabul does not dear to go to Wakhan and the parents of the girls wont let them go. So, my question to you, do you have any contacts? The Aga Khan Foundation does not respond to my emails and I don’t know of any other who work in the Badakhshan province. I realy want to go climbing in the wakhan, I can go any time, but this time I would like to do something good as well. Not just the usual ego trip. I would appreciate any kind of help with this.
    best regards Thomas

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